Monday, December 29, 2008

B-Cleaning - Street Shots, WNYC looks at amateur street photographers

WNYC has some great pieces sometimes. In this piece they look at 6 amateur street photographers and give others the opportunity to enter a street shots challenge.

I am a HUGE fan of street photography and I am always curious to see how others work, even amateurs. I still need to spend some time looking through these six three minute clips, but one of them looks at a woman who uses her iPhone to make street photos more than she uses her 20D. Another looks at a man who talks about shooting from the heart and not even lifting your camera to your eye.

going in "Photojournlism -> Photo Tips/Articles" folder

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James L Shaffer said...

It's a coincidence that I posted an entry on my blog regarding NYC street photography with an embedded vid of Bruce Gilden. Check it out.

BTW, did you get my email sent to your primary email address? It is, right?

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