Thursday, January 22, 2009

Engage 09 - A meeting of the best of the best in weddings

The Ritz-Carlton in the Grand Cayman, is there a better place for a training conference? Actually it might not be so great, sitting in a room and knowing that just outside of a door are some of the most gorgeous beaches calling to you.

Engage 09 is a luxury wedding business summit in late June with a line-up of speakers that is a who's who of those in the wedding industry.

The planners of this did it right though. For some of the events they are taking the summit on the road. They will visit different spots on the island at the same time they are hosting the conference. The organizers also are working on bringing a more intimate feel with breakout sessions.

This is definitely the way to run a conference. I've felt that too many times I sit in the audience, listen to a speaker and then feel alienated in a giant crowd. You can say you heard "so and so," but it sounds like here you will actually get a chance to interact and network with them.

If luxury weddings are your business, then this may be a must attend event.

They also have a blog.

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