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Feautred in an article about "Why Blog?"

It was great to be featured in an article on Why Blog? It was written by my former professor at San Jose State University for SportsShooter. There is always lot's of great information to read there on being a professional photographer, even though it's main focus is sports photography. The article was on blogging and it was really interesting to hear why a lot of people don't do it. It was also good to see why people are doing it!

Even though I do it because I like to be found by Google, you have to like it too! Regularly updating a blog is a lot of work, and if it wasn't a little bit of fun then you would definitely not be seeing these posts as regularly. I love to share what I'm doing with everyone, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Just to go into a little bit more detail I've included all of the answers I sent back to Jim.

Thanks for reading!

Jim - Do you blog? (If so, what is your blog’s address so I can give it a look.)

If you blog, what topics do you write about?

Chad @ Pilster Photography - Yes.

I focus mainly on weddings and engagement sessions that Pilster Photography has shot. I also use it to highlight a lot of the products that we offer. I also give a glimpse into my personal life, although I leave more of that to Facebook and Twitter. When things are slow I try to use it to educate clients and potential clients about questions they might have.

When I have new clients, many times I will send them to the blog to answer questions.

I also run a triathlon blog at Lately my business has been sucking up my life, so I haven't had time to focus on that at all.

J - A little philosophy here: If you blog, WHY do you blog? What’s in it for you, where is the “juice?”

PP - Google placement is one of the best answers. The more you talk about the more likely you might get a person through an organic search on Google. They come to the blog, they see your pictures, they look at the rest of the blog, you have a new customer. I am spending a ton of money to drive people to my website, but blogging is free and it typically does the same thing. Every social media tool serves a different purpose. I use Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, face to face networking, and my website to capture an audience, hold them there and remind them that I exist until they are ready to hire me.

I also get some enjoyment out of having an audience and hearing their feedback about my images. Typically when I want some honest feedback I will turn to someplace like Aphotoaday.

J – Which blogs do YOU read? Why?

What topics are covered by the blogs you read?

PP - Business blogs. Especially wedding business blogs (, Sean Low @ ) I'm always looking for insights. A lot of times I will glance at blogs that people post on Twitter if it sounds like it might be something of interest. Why else, I'm trying to run a business and these really give me a lot great insights.

I do look at a lot of photographer blogs, but usually to get a feel for what they are doing. I am always trying to find a photographer who has a different way of looking at things to give me inspiration. A website tells you the best that a photographer can do, while a blog tells you what they can accomplish on regular basis. I also am always looking for wedding photographers to refer. I always feel that good deeds come back to you, so if I find a good photographer I try to send business their way when I cannot do it myself.

I used to look at more editorial business blogs like Aphotoeditor, PhotoBusiness, Burns Auto Parts, but started to find that they weren't as focused in the market that I'm trying to reach.

I really shift blogs with the seasons. It depends on what I am looking to learn at the moment. If business begins to roll along better, then I may start looking to educate myself in another area.

The one blog that always opens when I open my web browser is the Aphotoaday blog. It's mainly because Melissa and her blog contributors seem to have an excellent grasp on the highlights of the photojournalism world. The images on the front of Aphotoaday are also always inspirational!

J – Which blogs do you admire/respect the most? (These might be the same as in #4 --- if so, fine.) Would you mind giving me 2-3 addresses so I can look at them?

This season I tend to be watching....

2 –
3 –

Hope this helps.


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