Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tradewinds Island Grand Resort at St. Pete Beach, Florida wedding of Paul and Stacy

I owe the amazing Mike Buoy, who took the lead on this wedding,
and Amy Pezzicara, who 2nd shot, a huge debt of gratitude for helping me out with this wedding. I haven't said much about it because it is a story in itself that I plan on telling. Our son born a week before this wedding, ended up in the hospital for over a month. He is healthy now, but Mike and Amy stepped in to shoot this for me so that I could be there for my family.

That being said, my clients are almost like family and I couldn't not show up on their wedding day for at least a little bit. This took a lot of soul searching though and it wasn't an easy or loan decision. If my son wasn't in moderately stable condition and both sides of the family were visiting, I probably would have stayed in Orlando.

The entire wedding I was looking at my phone pretty often to make sure I didn't miss a call that things had gotten worse. I don't think I would have lasted the entire day, so I have to say I am indebted to have friends like Mike and Amy.

And before you get started I have to plug this little video that Paul did. They went back to Wisconsin for a second reception and he put this little thing together with a bunch of our photos from their wedding day and some from their e-session. It's definitely worth a watch

I am glad I showed up though, because Paul and Stacy are an amazing couple! I had a ton of fun with them at their e-session and it only magnified into their wedding. I just wish I could have stayed longer, but I'm glad that Mike and Amy did such a great job capturing it for me to experience it.

These two had scouted out this great location right near their hotel called the Postcard Inn. A few of their guests were staying there and I'm sure their wedding would have been there had it been able to accommodate everyone. It's like a photographer's playground with the retro vintage and bold colors.

We found these great doors to swing open for them to do their first look.

Paul was going monkeys over this place

No evil on the wedding day

One of Paul and Stacy's friends sang for their first dance.

Another of their friends worked on singing in a higher note.

Behind the scenes!
Primary Photographer - Pilster Photography
Primary Photographer - Mike Buoy of Buoy Photography
Secondary Photography - Amy Pezzicara of Pezz Photography
Venue/Catering - Tradewinds Island Resort, St. Pete Beach, FL
First Look Venue - Postcard Inn, St. Pete Beach, FL
Getting Ready Venue - Beach House
Makeup - Lili's Weddings
Flowers - For Better for Less
Cake - Cakes by Carolynn
Suit - Men's Warehouse
Grooms shoes - Converse
Dress - Jon's Bridal
Brides Ceremony Shoes - Badgley Mischka
Brides Reception Shoes - Converse
Officiant -
Father Ron
DJ -
Grant Hemond & Associates
Linens -
Linens By the Sea


Christina said...

Wearing a suit with a shoe like that is really cool and amazing. Why did you not include the vendor for the shoes?

Chad said...

We just didn't have the info when we published this post. It's been updated now though. The brides ceremony shoes were Badgley Mischka's and her reception shoes were Converse. The guys also wore Converse as well as the photographer ;)

Christina said...

That's cool :D. When my wedding comes me and my bridesmaid will be wearing a tuxedo and the groom and the groomsmen will be wearing a dress or a gown...including the photographer, I think that will be fun. :D. And that's gonna be unique wedding.

Chad said...

That sounds like it's going to an awesome wedding! We love unique weddings like that. It might be tough to shoot in a gown though, we climb into some crazy positions ;)

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