Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinking Different: Wedding Hair 101

How do you find the perfect hair style for your big day? Anyone can have traditional wedding hair but you're one of those brides, or grooms, that want something unique! Maybe it's something a bit more on the natural side or maybe you want to wear a fabulous birdcage veil. Here are some ideas our past couples have come up with.

Jessica had an awesome up-do the day of her wedding. The hairpiece she wore was made by her mother which made it a very personal and sentimental item.

During a midday break Jessica switched it up by donning a super cool bridal top hat and birdcage veil. Wade, the groom, also wore a grey top hat. Their hair style choices totally fit their Alice in Wonderland theme! Then for the reception Jessica brought out not only another dress but another fabulous hair piece!

Here are some do's and don'ts when it comes to wedding hair from the Wedding Channel.

And here are some tips of my own =)

  • Up-dos tend to look better with a dress that has some sort of strap. You don't want to hide any part of that perfect dress =) It's recommended that you wear a longer hair style with a strapless dress. But then again if you've got a strapless dress and a fabulous necklace on then by all means wear your hair up! You want to show off that jewelry!

  • Don't over do it on the hair products. Ladies, this means don't use so much hairspray that your hair doesn't move. For you guys out there don't over do it on the gel. It can look greasy and you definitely don't want that. Too much hair product of any kind can also make your hair look dull. We all want to look our best in our wedding photos and dull hair is not something you want in photos you'll have forever.

  • Keep in mind the weather! I personally have pretty thick hair and if it's hot and humid outside my hair won't hold curl at all. If it's really cold out my hair gets dry and very static-y. In this case I'll take a dryer sheet and run it quickly through my hair. Not so much that it leaves any residue but just enough so that may hair will lie flat. The Knot has an awesome article about what you should treat your hair with to prepare for different types of weather.

The Wedding Channel and The Knot have so much info about wedding day hair! You can check out photos and tons of articles on their websites.

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