Friday, March 30, 2012

Featured on Munaluchi Bride!

We've been featured on the Munaluchi Bridal Blog with Rhiva and Joshs' wedding and engagement session!!

Be sure to check out the gorgeous photos with blue skies and big smiles from their engagement session and read all about their awesome "forbidden" love story from start to finish on the blog!

It's awesome to see Munaluchi Bride Magazine featuring a simple wedding like this! Rhiva and Josh had great style, but it was down to the basics. I hear many mumblings about how blogs only showing the over the top weddings, or DIY's that you have to be Martha Stewart to create, but you don't get much more simple than this one and we love it!

Even the date is simple, 10/10/10, you only have to remember two numbers ;) How cool is that!

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