Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thinking Different: Wedding Finishes

You've just had the wedding of your dreams. The ceremony ran smoothly, your vows had your guests crying like babies with love-light in their eyes, and you're ready to dance the night away as a happy couple.  Now what? How do you make your grand exit as newlyweds?

You could go the non-traditional route and exit through blowing bubbles, glide through a tunnel of flying butterflies or doves, or even have paper airplanes float over your heads.

Or you could go traditional and run through your guests as it rains rice! You may have heard the myth that our two-legged flying friends will explode if they ingest the rice. I was just informed that's not the case, however rice can still be dangerously slippery and is difficult to clean up. But wait a second, how did that kooky tradition get started in the first place?

The ancient Romans associated wheat with weddings, symbolizing prosperity. Rice and grains in general represent fertility as well as growth. Throwing these grains at the couple ensured their lives together would be full of all the virtue necessary for a happy life. Could you imagine throwing linguine at a the happy bride and groom?!

Rice was the cheapest option, so it stuck. Now you can order rice in all kinds of shapes in sizes. Our ancestors had some great ideas, but in 2011 we have plenty of ways to make the wedding toss a real flash of expression.

Some ideas to really make it fun for your guests are bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Not only are they anti-cleanup, but your guests can take them to the reception or home for some additional dance fever fun and keep the little ones occupied! If you really want to maximize the fun with bubbles, get the edible kind!

I like the idea of doing something different and symbolic. If you give each guest a paper airplane at the end of the ceremony they can fly them over the bride and grooms heads as they depart as newlyweds. in a visually beautiful and meanginful way. You could even write well wishes on the wings of the planes!

If you’re feeling really inspired, one unique way to do the wedding toss is the release of live butterflies. I know, it sounds iffy, but it can be done and will make for a picturesque scene. Order your butterflies 4 weeks ahead of time to provide for breeding, and they will be overnighted straight to you in special packaging for their comfort. As long as the temperature is 55 degrees and sunny, the butterflies will fly and swirl around you and your guests like gentle well wishes.

Such a quick part of your wedding like the wedding toss seems like a small detail, but it is a detail that will part of your memory forever. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to keep it boring. Everyone will have fun popping bubbles and streamers, or even seeing how much they can do before the sparkler goes out.

Taking chances like a live butterfly release doesn’t have to be such a chance as long as you pick the most reliable provider. Besides, your wedding deserves the most majestic moment possible.

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