Saturday, May 23, 2009

Griffin and Seana's Jacksonville Wedding! Part 1

I get a phone call on a Friday afternoon asking if I was available for a wedding "next weekend"! A good friend of mine in Jacksonville had referred them to me. I am glad I was! Griffin, Seana, their groomsman, matron of honor, and everyone else was great fun to take photos of.

The wedding was simple, but the dress was amazing. Seana had hand sewn all of the beading on the dress! She should be a professional at this!

Griffin and Seana's wedding also gave me an excellent experience in the culture of Cambodia and Khmer. There were lot's of little touches thrown in to mix the two cultures. I hope to have the chance to photograph a full Khmer wedding someday.

The wedding wasn't just simple, but it was quick. Seana only wore her gorgeous dress for the ceremony and pictures and then changed into a more traditional outfit for the reception. They had their first dance, enjoyed a few stories, ate some food and then they were off.

Since the bride and groom were gone and I had some willing bridal party members, we ran off to the playground nearby and had some fun.
Congratulations Griffin and Seana!

Don't miss Part 2...

The wedding professionals that helped make it happen
Photography - Pilster Photography with help from my awesome assistant Chris Viola
Venue - Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL
Catering - Heirlooms Culinary Cafe
Florist - Hurst Florist - Carl Varnes
Hair Stylist and Makeup - Hadley's Hair Design
Cake - Publix
Rings - Gabriel at King Jewelers

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mike and Angie's Anniversary for their Kansas Wedding

Mike and Angie have been amazing friends. Mike is another former newspaper photographer who also now photographs weddings all over Kansas with Heartland Photography. They recently had their first child and we will be visiting them in June after making a trip to Hays, KS to see the in-laws. I am looking forward to meeting the little one, I'm sure she's adorable!

Congratulations on 3 years Mike and Angie!

Mike and Angie Anniversary - Images by Chad Pilster

Friday, May 15, 2009

Featured on Florida Brides Blog!

Wow it has been a great day. I had a ton of people showing me love on Twitter with #followfriday and now Ashley and Brett's wedding, at the Serenata Beach Club, was featured on . I always worry when days start this good, it's hard for them to get better!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girls Weightlifting Regionals

Girls in male typical sports always seems to be a big topic, and it should be! Girls can do anything guys do and I look forward to seeing them beat guys at the stereotypical men's games.

The Orlando Sentinel was working on one of those stories about a sport that is probably the man of man sports; weightlifting. One of the biggest myths is that you won't look feminine if you weight train, and this is probably why it is thought of as a man's sport. They also asked why these girls do this.

It was a nice article to see done and I'm glad I had a chance to hang out with this awesome group of girls.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 feature on Registering for Gifts featured one of our pictures in their recent article about "Registering for Gifts." A nice read before you head out to shop!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy belated birthday Jacen!

Jacen's parents run a CPA firm and Jacen was born just after tax day! I'm sure it was all of that stress relief.

It seems like every other year there is a conflict for me to show up and document it.

This was his 4th birthday and one of my off years, so I'm throwing up some photos from the past. Hopefully I'll catch him next year for the big 5!

Happy Birthday Jacen!

Jacen's 3rd Birthday - Images by Chad Pilster

Jacen's 1st Birthday - Images by Chad Pilster

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