Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Athens Theatre in DeLand, Florida real life portrait session of Alex, Dana, Alexandra and Lorelai

The Athens Theatre of DeLand should be declared one of the whimsical wonders of the world. It sits at the end of a red brick street with a sign lit up by bulb lights. Those lights are like a beacon for photographers saying "photograph me." I've taken many opportunities to photograph outside, but a family real life portrait session gave me the chance to photograph inside.

I had one of the perfect families with Alex, Dana, Alexandra and Lorelai. They were just there to have fun! I could see it in their eyes how much fun they were really ready to have just as the clock started to tick down how much fun they were really ready to have. They only just started to get warmed up for this session, I can't wait to see what happens next time we get together!

The theatre staff was awesome to work with too. We are so appreciative that they opened the door and turned the lights on to such an amazing place. We hope to head back soon!

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