Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DeLand, Florida, Real Life family and baby session with Joshua, Kim & Quinn

My favorite thing about babies is that you can just let your emotion flow into them and completely forget everything else around you. This can make time fly by. Not just 45 minutes that you might have a photographer in the room, but days, weeks, months and next thing you know that first year is gone so quickly!

There are so many firsts, and capturing every moment is all that important. Having someone else there so that you can actually treasure those moments is a treat that everyone should give themselves.

Going into a families home just once for a limited amount of time just doesn't seem like enough, I wish I could go every couple weeks and watch the magic happen. I've watched my own son grow up and it's such an amazing experience that just disappears.

Even if I can only visit a family once in that first year I think it's so important. One awesome moment captured will last forever.

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