Thursday, October 2, 2008

My life was consumed.... again... is updated...

I like to think that I know design, at least that I have a good idea of what types of boxes look decent next to each other. I just spent three long days redoing my website. It was a grueling pain.

I used a couple tools and took the little bit of design knowledge and html knowledge and pieced it together. I didn't find my old site that appalling, but I had heard enough feedback that I knew it was probably time for a change.

Once again I put together something that I think looks pretty good (except for a few pull-down menus which I'm working on). If you think otherwise PLEASE tell me (or if you like it I'm happy to hear that too, or even if you think it's ok I still am listening!)

I have a designer in the family, he happens to be my brother. He's amazing, he's also busy. Which means that like everyone else, I have to wait for his redesign of my site. Until then let me know if I am going to have to spend another three exhausting days revamping my site or if I can let it stand.

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