Friday, February 12, 2010

Maternity Photography Session, our first!

So Pilster Photography has officially started it's maternity division. With the documenting of our pregnancy we are showing my wife's changing body every couple months. These stages will only be a glimpse in our memory as our life changes forever. She is so beautiful when she's pregnant and it's exciting to realize that there is a life growing inside her.

Photography has always given me an opportunity to experience something in life that I may not have otherwise, this is why I am so passionate about photojournalism. I love life experiences. There is only so much I can live through the lens of a camera though. I am definitely jealous that there are some things during a pregnancy I will never know about. This only means that I need to take every opportunity I can to be close to my wife over these 40 weeks.

Cheya, our older dog, always loves to get in on our photo shoots.

a little self portrait action.

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Kristin Lee said...

Chad - what a beautiful post. That touched a soft spot when you said that you were jealous that you couldn't experience some things during pregnancy, so you wanted be as close to your wife as possible over the next 40 weeks. Shows how much of a supportive, understanding, loyal and great husband you are. I know I've said this before, but congrats again :)

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