Thursday, February 11, 2010

The next step...

So once you find out your pregnant, what's the logical next step? Well for a photojournalist it's to start documenting it. I started out by capturing some photos of my amazing wife while it was still early on.

In the next few weeks we had some big decisions to make. We decided to use a midwife and were so lucky to find Michelle and Kaleen at the Heart 2 Heart Birthing Cener in Sanford. They've been so friendly and helpful. They spend a ton of time with us on every visit, they answer all of our questions and really make sure we understand everything.

One of the biggest reasons we did decide to go with midwives is that they are an advocate for you and your baby. Even if you do end up at a hospital, these women will be there to explain the information that you need to know and help you make the best decision. This is a time that even Google may not be fast enough to answer a question, so it's great to have a highly knowledgeable person right by your bedside.

A great documentary that we saw that really helped me move from being about 40% sure of going with a midwife to 90% is The Business of being Born. I highly recommend it, although you still should do your own research after watching it.

So after meeting with our midwife, we had our first chance to really find out there was a new life growing in my wife's belly. We had a chance to hear our baby's heartbeat! It was a beautiful and amazing thing!

Since we started going to the Birthing Center, they've moved. The first times we went it was at an antique style and older home. It had a gorgeous feel to it.

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And I'm really excited to hear you're going with a midwife! I wish they were more readily available here in Kansas!

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