Monday, November 23, 2009

A camera died, a flash wouldn't fire, but eveything turned out great for Shelby and John, Part 1 of 2

I'm not sure if Shelby and John know this, but I was having technical problems up the ying-yang and the wazoo on the day of their wedding (I wasn't alone, the circuit breaker tripped on the DJ a few times too!). I still think the photos turned out awesome (And the dance floor was rocking)!

It started on Friday when the shop that was supposed to be cleaning one of my camera sensors closed early! Apparently there was a gunman in downtown Orlando and to secure a perimeter the police asked businesses nearby to head home.

I had to put a plea out for help to get a lens (Thank you to the amazing Jeff Hawkins who pulled through and loaned me one. Also a shout out to all of the Orlando photo community who offered to help! Jeff jokes a lot about how a lot of the other photographers are his children, and I really did feel like part of his family after he helped me out. Thanks again!). They also had one of my camera's, but I have three so I still had two to use.

Well as I'm shooting my 3rd backup, my Canon 20D, the shutter just starts snapping away! Apparently this means the shutter is blown. So about midway through the day I was down to one camera (I did have three film cameras in the car if all else failed! That would of made things interesting. ;)

Later in the night one of my flashes just keeps turning off and not firing. I worked around it. Problems are challenging, but I hope years of experience has helped prepare me for them!

Shelby and her bridesmaids were serious about making their arms look tone!

From my awesome friends at Solutions Bridal, wait until you see this on Shelby!

The guys are ready to rock!

This church was gorgeous. I don't think I have ever shot a ceremony indoors with this much light! The stained glass windows made colors dance all around the room and the circular pattern let me see everyone and get right up front without being too distracting!

My awesome assistant Megan Miller caught this nice little moment.

They look so happy right before "the kiss"

A high five congrats!

And it's off to reception. Come back for Part 2 in a few days or subscribe to our feed to know when we make our regular updates.

Wedding professionals from the first part of the day -
Photography by Pilster Photography and my awesome assistant Megan Miller
Wedding Dress and bridesmaid dresses from Alicia and my other awesome friends over at Solutions Bridal The girls there are great fun to work with.
Hair and Makeup - Essence Salon & Day Spa in Winter Park
Florist - Lee James Floral
Ceremony by Father Scott Circe at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Winter Park


Sara said...

these are awesome Chad! Love the color and movement of your photography -- always.

Anonymous said...

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