Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FAQ - Where should I do my e-session (Engagement session)?

Choosing a location for your engagement session can be a little bit tricky. You want it to be somewhere that you feel comfortable in but somewhere that's also unique. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing your e-session venue:

Where did you meet? Going back to the location where you met brings back great memories and captures a piece of your history together.

Where was your first date? The location of your first date is definitely a great choice for your e-session. It is a significant venue for the both of you and capturing moments there can be really special. Shelby and John had their first date in the pub below so it was only natural that Shelby wanted to take photos here.

Where did he (or she) pop the question? A lot of people pop the question in really unique locations and they can make for great photo ops.

Did you just buy a house? This could be a great place to do your e-session as it's a special place for the both of you. Try taking your engagement photos in the backyard or in a quaint breakfast nook.

Think about the places you love to go, what you like to do together, your hobbies, special points of interests, or even the theme of your wedding. Beth and Kyle got married at the Shores Resort and Spa overlooking the beach so having the opportunity to shoot their engagement photos on the beach was a perfect fit! Also keep an eye out for locations that are unusual or out of the ordinary. Charlotte and Jess came across this awesome chimney left over from a house that burned down.

Your engagement session is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make it as special as you possibly can by choosing locations that are near and dear to your heart. Here is a website that has tips about choosing a location and another about what to wear.

Check out some more of our e-sessions for ideas.

What places can you think of that might be fun for an outside the box e-session?

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