Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding at the Carlouel Yacht Club, Clearwater Beach, Florida with a stop at the Sandpearl of Katie & Justin - Part 1 of 2

Katie and Justin's wedding anniversary will be an easy day to remember for me. Not just because they are an amazing couple, but my son was born the day before (More on that in a future post, let's just say it is a long story.). May is not the best time to have a baby if you are a wedding photographer, and I am so thankful that I have such awesome and understanding clients. I am also thankful to have such amazing photographer friends to come in and help me out.

There was no way to predict what day my 9lb 22inch bouncing boy was going to come on, and I didn't want to let these two down if he came on their wedding day. I lined up one of the best photographer's I know, an awesome friend and the type of guy that you want at your side. I think Chip Litherland has won every major award there is in photojournalism, and if he hasn't he should have. So when the baby came a day early, it meant that Katie and Justin got an all-star team to shoot their wedding. I even lined up Charlie Doerner (He would have been Chip's 2nd shooter if I had to leave), another great photographer, as an assistant.

Now look closely inside this ring. That is one of their actual fingerprints engraved!


Now how many brides are calm, cool and collected enough to blog on their wedding day. Katie had this blog written and sent before the curlers were out of her hair. I think she is looking if there is a company out there looking for a social media expert!

Wow! I loved this. "Falling in love is like owning a dog."

It's exhausting being a bridesmaid!

One of my favorite things is hanging out when there is so much going on. It is always a challenge to make a shot that captures all of this. You could study this picture for a long time watching what all is going on in it, and I love that about it.

Love the back of this mirror!

With this photo team we set a record for number of images produced between the three of us, so you can imagine how difficult it was to narrow them down and how awesome they must be. Not only that, Katie is a planner and there were so many little details to her wedding, we had to be on our toes to catch them all.

Come back tomorrow for the details and the reception.

Photographer - Pilster Photography
2nd Photographer - Chip Litherland
Assistant - Charlie Doerner
Ceremony & Reception- Carlouel Yacht Club
Catering- Carlouel Yacht Club
DJ- Advance Entertainment
Floral- The Bride’s Bouquet
Cake- Cakes by Nomeda
Hair/Makeup- Camposecco Artistry
Day of Coordinator- Eventions of Florida
Linens- handmade by Katie's Grandmother!
Dress- James Clifford Collection
Shoes- Linea Paolo from Nordstrom
Bridesmaid's Dresses- J Crew
Bridesmaid's Shoes- Enzo Angiolini from Nordstrom

I love working it to get the shot!


Erica Petramala - Occasions said...

Can't wait to see more Chad! I love the Carlouel and these before pictures are awesome (just as I expected!)

Kelly said...

These are fantastic! Can't wait for our big day!!!

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