Friday, February 18, 2011

Pillow fight + Arcade machine + dog = an amazing engagement session in DeBary with Nina and Patrick

Wind + Pillow fight + Arcade machine + dog + open field = an amazing Debary, Florida engagement session with Nina and Patrick (and Bruiser)

I love mother nature. Some people have a love hate relationship with her, but most of mine is love. The elements create an environment that just cannot be repeated to make amazing photo shoots. Most of the time you cannot plan for the elements when you schedule something weeks or months in advance. Whether it is rain, snow or in this case wind.

Nina, Patrick and I had been talking about this shoot for a month. We had a million awesome and crazy ideas, but we narrowed them down to pillows, an arcade machine and their dog Bruiser. Narrowing it down that much was tough because they love to brainstorm like I do!

I could not have been happier with this shoot! There were so many amazing pictures and I broke out a new 50mm. I haven't used a 50 in ages!

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Zuleymas said...

This is the COOlest most awesome engagement pictures I have EVER seen!!!! I don't know the couple or anything, I just really like this pictures and I think you are a great artist! A+++++

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