Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thinking Different - The cake topper

The most interesting aspect of the cake topper is it's ability to - I'm going to say it - take the cake. After all the cake tasting, and design scrutinizing, it is time to find the cake topper that encompasses both the bride and groom's personalities. The question is: Which direction do you go?

There is the modern, hip option where you turn a special common interest or object into the cake topper. This cake topper features bride and groom look-a-likes, complete with their actual tattoos replicated on the arms and back. An essence of "forever" for the bride and groom is truly illustrated by the tattoos, since they are forever as well. Since tattoos are deeply personal, the cake topper ties the whole wedding together, allowing the couple to have both their personalities expressed at one time.

You can also choose to go with elegance. With sweeping white figurines embracing on top of your cake, you instantly display an air of tasteful devotion. The bottom of this cake topper has the bride and groom standing so close together they are united, while the top has them separated but kissing. They are united through their individuality, and their love is what brought them together. Although nondescript, the cake topper allows for a sense of an open future, to be defined by the bride and groom.

In the traditional sense, you have the comical bride and groom cake topper. The groom is being dragged or looking concerned, but this allows for some light-hearted fun! Everyone can poke a little fun at the bride and groom. The best feature of these kinds of cake toppers is they come in various arrangements of fleeing, high fiving, or can involve any hobby or pet. The customizable options allow you to really express your personalities while giving everyone a good laugh.

Whatever you end up choosing, the cake topper not only enhances the cake presentation, but helps add the personal flair other small arrangements such as the seating cards or the table centerpieces could only suggest. At the same time, though, the cake topper could be the piece that really ties the whole theme together. It is the versatility of these small accessories which make your cake, and your wedding, about you.

Which cake toppers are on the top of your list?

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Anonymous said...

wait until you see ours. we are putting ALOT of work into them!

Charissa said...

Awesome! I can't wait!


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