Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thinking Different - Converse

The trend towards Converse shoes for grooms, brides, and the entire wedding party has grown steadfast in the recent years. Today's Converse brand promotes individuality through a shoe that has morphed with the times. I wear Converse because they are simple, yet even the plain, solid color editions allow for customization. They are my every day shoes, my rain or shine shoes, and my hurry up and go shoes. They have gone from being the staple of a certain class to being a staple of society as a whole. As my grandma says every time she looks down at my feet, "Only the poor kids wore those when I was little." So why are they so popular for weddings now? Let's take a look at the history of Converse.

The birth of Converse harkens back to 1910, where they were first manufactured as tennis shoes for extremely cheap. In 1917, the company's big break came when they began manufacturing basketball "All-Star" editions. The most widely known "Chuck Taylor" models came when basketball player Charles Taylor approached Converse with sore feet and set his life to helping sell the brand. Converse held onto the NBA through the 1970s until Nike, Adidas, and Reebok became popular brands. Basketball players such as Kirk Heinrick, Kyle Korver, and Kobe Bryant still wear Converse to this day. Nike eventually bought Converse in 2009, and the company turned its eye to revitalization. Editions of Chuck Taylors were released with designs after the Grateful Dead, Nirvana, and The Clash, all bands who were held individuality and personal expression as a core of their music.

Are you still wondering, "Why weddings, though?"

Your wedding is your chance to share the love you found with everyone else you love. The entire day is for two of you and what makes your love unique. Maybe you wore Converse when you first met. Maybe you have different senses of style, but Converse is the one thing you can agree on. You can keep the affair rockstar casual yet classy with some traditional black and leather Converse. The website even lets you completely customize your pair so they can match or be outrageously different. Besides, the threat of breaking your heel and falling into the lap of Great Aunt Hilda is eliminated! As popular as these shoes have become, they still look to represent you. The history of Converse is one of growth as the world changed, as people who love each other can barely wait to do when they get married. These shoes hold the same promises as the adventure your marriage is about to embark on: comfort, excitement, action, individuality, and soul. Converse is no longer just for the show Happy Days, but for your happy day!

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