Friday, August 9, 2013

Toto, we're home. Home!

There are properties around children that if we could comprehend, we could advance society by light years.

One of those is the constant energy factor. If I didn't stop my older son and put him into bed, I really don't think he would ever go to sleep. If we could harness this energy, imagine what could be accomplished in a 24hour day.

The second is their ability to warp time. I could swear something happened yesterday, but in reality it was months ago!

With that said I don't think chaos could describe my life enough over almost the past year. It all started just before my second son was born in September. A second child doesn't just change things by times two, but closer to tenfold. The biggest issue is that when one is sleeping, the time that I would get most of my work done, the other needs attention. Whole days would just fly by!

The next major announcement came in January. Out of the blue came a phone call, which seems to be how most life changing events seem to come to me, to offer me the Photo Editor position at the Hays Daily News.

My wife is from Kansas and we had been talking about getting back family, but it mostly involved moving to Colorado in five years. This was happening now! We packed up the house, put it up for sale, and moved just in time to be welcomed to Kansas by 17in of snow (The second most in history of Hays). Living in Florida for 11 years, I had missed snow and actually loved it!

Pilster Photography has always been ready to travel anywhere in the galaxy, so now Florida has become our travel destination instead of our location. I am planning to be back in October and December, so if you are looking for some family portraits book your real life sessions now!

I've included a little bit of what I've been up to in Kansas.

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