Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old times (File)

I'm hitting the rewind button here. I've been so swamped with stuff that some photos have fallen through the cracks. I just downloaded my card with pictures from my last day at the Daytona Beach News-Journal. It was on June 23rd.

I've talked about the day before. To recap, nothing was told to us but we knew something was up. I pulled out my camera and documented as much as I could.

It wouldn't be a documentary of my last day if I didn't have a shot of myself.

What a wonderful day for layoffs....

They were very welcoming...

The room of doom...

It helped that everyone, even those staying, had to clean out their desks. It's really too bad that there is no bureau in DeLand anymore, there are a lot of great stories and no one to do a decent job of covering them.

Ronald Williamson is the man! This guy is one of the greatest writers around. He can take you from place to place with his words. You won't know quite how you got there, but you'll know it was one of the greatest rides you ever had.

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