Sunday, November 2, 2008

B-Cleaning - Bridal Armoire

Away from the photography and into something for the brides out there. Wedding dresses are amazing, for all of that effort that goes into finding, wearing and eventually storing it, you only get to see it one day (Unless of course you are reminded of it through pictures ;)

Well I was looking for a way to maybe display my wifes wedding dress. and I ran across the Bridal Armoire. If your home has a more classical look, it would look great. Unfortunately our home is more contemporary. I was originally thinking of framing the dress, but then how do you show both sides of it. This is a possible solution.

Going under "Wedding" (Yes I still have a folder of bookmarks from our wedding)

Also related bookmarks nearby this one - - A local downtown DeLand, FL framer - These guys frame movie props and create custom displays. This is much closer to the contemporary design I was looking for. Just imagine a wedding dress in one of these. - Everything you needed to know on preservation

ALL of this will go in "Wedding" sub folder "Dress Preservation"

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