Monday, November 24, 2008

B-Cleaning - Hollingsworth Photography

John E. Hollingsworth has an interesting style, but I feel like his site doesn't show enough work to really allow me to get a feel for it. There are only 12 people images and the rest are focused on inanimate objects.

One of the objects he focuses on is putting a couch in places you just don't expect to find a couch.

Some of his portraits have kind of a smugness about them, like it was right before the subject wanted to stick their tongue out at me. Others images seem to have a surprised look, like they weren't ready for the camera to click at that minute.

I like his stuff, but I really want to see some more. (I did a google search and found work where it really shows some goofiness getting into his photos. I love images like this and the weirdness of them just makes them that much better.)

Put in my 4 Star Photographers folder

UPDATE (Thanks to an anonymous posting):
Apparently Hollingsworth has a Flickr account. Check him out also at

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Anonymous said...

i kinda love these photos!

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