Thursday, December 18, 2008

A scary and wild Halloween photo booth with our dogs, a lion tamer, Palin, devil, black angel, unemployed yoga instructor, and an african drummer

If you remember back at the end of October (boy time flies) I put up some Halloween photos. After a VERY busy November I have finally finished toning the rest.

We have over 200 kids come to our house on most Halloweens. We love to see their costumes and hand out candy, plus we hate to be the spoiler house that turns out the lights for trick or treaters. We love getting dressed up too, so why waste it. We threw a party for our friends!

I have never setup a photo booth before and I thought Halloween would be a good opportunity. I brought out all of my lights, put up a drop cloth, tossed the camera on a tripod and tethered it to my laptop. I tried a bunch of things I have been meaning to experiment with to see how they all work.

Things not only worked, but they worked awesome! At a couple points I just had to pull the camera off of the tripod and get the great action shots of the characters my friends were portraying.

A witch, a horned yoga instructor, an African drummer, eyeball soup, a lion tamer (Or is she a ring master?), a horned Sarah Palin (Gotta love an Obama sign as a prop when you have Palin on set!), a black angel, our two little devil dogs, and a remote wielding photographer. Enjoy!

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