Monday, April 13, 2009

Central Florida Networking

Wow, the past few weeks have been busy, but not with weddings. I've been making the rounds and trying to meet some of the other local wedding professionals in the area.

The events have taken me all over central Florida. Here are some of the highlights.

Central Park Weddings in Lake Mary. This is the startup of a group with a great idea to bring wedding professionals from every category under one roof. They will have a storefront which brides can go to and do all of their wedding shopping in one place. Right now they are only going to showcase a single professional from each category, but hopefully in the future they will have multiple vendors.

Orlando Wedding Professionals is helping start a Lake County Wedding Professionals group. They held a gathering at Lake Receptions a gorgeous venue in Mount Dora.

• All this time I've been working with James Schaffer, an amazing graphic artist and wedding album designer, to design a new sample Louvre album for me. Check out the preview. It's going to be gorgeous when it get's back from Italy.

• Last week was an awesome vendors event put on by the Perfect Wedding Guide at the newly remodeled Highland Manor in Apopka. Highland manor has a great classic look to it and the people who run it are awesome.

• To wrap it up last Friday I took my wife for the grand opening of Unique Option Event Partners new location. If you are ever looking to furnish your event, or even your home temporarily, these are the people for cool and modern furniture. We enjoyed lunch with them and checked to make sure the couches were comfortable. They got two thumbs up!

This must be the season for events, because I'm looking at the schedule and seeing even more coming up. I have met some amazing people so far and I look forward to working with many of them.

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