Monday, April 20, 2009

Putting West Volusia on the Wedding Map

I'm on a mission.

I've lived in DeLand for seven years now and I have found it to have some amazing venues for weddings and other events, but keep finding myself headed elsewhere in Central Florida to photograph them. I'm also finding myself going elsewhere for networking events.

One of my goals is to see Volusia (West Volusia especially) showcased for the beautiful place that it is. I would like to see more open houses at the local venues and I will be happy to help organize some of them. Open houses for vendors in other cities have been where I have been meeting a lot of the Orlando wedding professionals. The events also do an excellent job of showcasing what these people can do.

I am interested in finding venues who want to open their doors and other vendors (Like caterers and florists) who would like to show off their abilities and broaden their reach outside of just DeLand. I think the relationships that these events build can be invaluable during hard times and good times.

According to a 2009 survey by The Knot which polled 18k brides, they are looking for more unique venues. "Brides are Looking for More Unique Locations: Traditional venues, like reception halls and restaurants, dropped off slightly (10% and 11% respectively) as couples chose inventive sites, such as historical buildings, vineyards, and beaches. In 2008, 35% of ceremonies took place outdoors. "

I would also like to see an association for West Volusia (or Volusia) wedding professionals to regularly meet and to network.

One other thought is that after things get rolling we can start doing some open houses for the general public.

So if you are a Volusia vendor reading this, or you want to connect with Volusia County vendors, please contact me!

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Nice and thanks!

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