Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to School

Cornell Alumni Magazine asked if I would follow some of their students down on spring break. While some college students run off and party, others spend their spring breaks volunteering. These students volunteered to come to an elementary school and help teach.

Part of the program is sponsored by Harris Rosen and his hotels Rosen Hotels and Resorts. Rosen is an alumni of Cornell.

While I was there he showed up to see how the college students were doing. Some might think this was a publicity stunt, but you could tell he was no stranger to the elementary school kids. Many of the children called Rosen by his name or at least waved to him like he was a regular there.

He showed a passion in helping these children that I would love to see more of with people in positions similar to his. It's great that he's trying to pass this down to the college students who volunteered their spring break to help these kids. This gave me a great respect anything that he manages including his hotel chain.

On another note, Cornell Alumni Magazine did a great job with their choice of images and then use of the images. The entire spread looks fantastic!

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