Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bows, Ribbons and Promo Cards

When I first started doing marketing I had a lot of people requesting my cards to hand out. I would send them a packet of them tossed into an envelope. I found this kind of boring. I kept trying to think of ways to spruce everything up. The solution I came up with was ribbon!

I now wrap almost everything that goes out the door from Pilster Photography in ribbon. I am still trying to find the ribbon that I feel matches us, but having many different ones might be the best match of all. We are about being different, and having ribbon that isn't the same every time is definitely different. When I know who the client or vendor that I am sending the cards to I try to think of which ribbon they might like.

Oh and one of my favorite places to find ribbon is Etsy of course!


Katie said...

Oh no, you use Etsy too? I'm still attempting to navigate the thousands of postings that come up...its so HUGE!

Charissa said...

Etsy is great! I use it when I'm looking for something crafty. My favorite part is that if you find something that you kind of like, you can sometimes contact the creator and commission them to make something that fits you!

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