Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shopping for your dream

Some of the girls that work at Solutions Bridal and I ran into each other at a networking event and we connected so well they gave me a huge invitation to come over and hang out with them. I was so excited to share my work with their customers and even snap photos of everyone as they tried on dresses.

When my wife and I were planning our wedding, I helped her find her dress. She wasn't going to tell me which one she was going to get, but it was nice to give her my input. There is a wedding dress for everyone out there. Some can look amazing in every dress they try on, which makes finding the right one that much harder.

My wife was gorgeous everytime she came out of that dressing room. She tried on so many dresses that I didn't even recognize the one she had one when she walked down the aisle, but I did recognize the most important thing, she looked gorgeous and she was the right one for me.

I love helping my wife shop for clothes, men have such little choice in their clothing it's boring. Watching wedding dresses get tried on is so much more than trying to find an outfit. It's trying to find an emotion from the dress that's tried on. Sometimes it's not always the right emotion or just a hint of the emotion that they want.

Solutions Bridal does so well with their wedding dresses. The girls that work there are so personable. I watched them sit down with every customer and get to know them. Their goal is to help find that dress that evokes an emotion, but they were very careful about pushing anyone in the wrong direction. They tend to give the facts, but they were amazing at letting the dresses and the brides connect on their own.

The girls there would do anything for you. I know the hardest part of their job must be modeling dresses. Just check out Tali here working it for bride looking for bridesmaid dresses.

And another she is modeling.

And then the wine turns to champagne, like water turns into gold.

When a bride finds the right dress, her eyes light up, her hands shake, her smile widens, tears of joy roll down everyone's faces and the cameras come out! I love being there and having a little chance to join in on this excitement! Sharing in joyous moments is one of the best parts about being a wedding photographer.

By this point everyone in the room is friends, from the family to employees to the other brides who are trying on dresses in the room. You can just feel the joy going through everyone.

The shop is wide open with a large enough selection of dresses to fit everyone, but not so many that you are too overwhelmed. The gorgeous wood floors, humongous windows that line the walls, mirrors covering one entire wall and contemporary furniture are just some of the things that give it a great ambience. If I was going to buy a wedding dress, this is the place I would want to do it at.

Thanks Heather, Tali, Alicia and the rest of the girls at Solutions Bridal! It was so awesome to hang out with you. I can't wait to come back!

090509 SOLUTIONS BRIDAL - Images by Chad Pilster

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