Monday, November 9, 2009

FAQs - Have you ever shot at ___________ ?

Often I get the question about where I have shot at. As a photographer who travels anywhere in the world, and also being early in my career as a wedding photographer, I have not shot at most locations.

Some "questions for photographers" suggest that you ask your photographer if they have shot your venue before. Although it can be advantageous in some ways, I tend to disagree that this is an important question.

I actually find that a new environment is beneficial. Do you notice when you go someplace new and how you see so much? Then after you have been there for a while certain things start to blend in?

I find that when I'm in a new environment I tend to photograph a lot of things that otherwise would have been "normal" to me.

Also, even if I have not photographed a location, many times I will make it there before a wedding and scout it out. I will make note of all of these new things that catch my eye.

The biggest disadvantage of going to a venue for the first time is if the venue is not photographer friendly and has a long list of rules. You should definitely ask your venues if they have any rules for photographers and pass this information along. These rules can also limit the ability for the photographer to capture certain photos.

When I have shot at locations more than once I sometimes find that I tend to slide into a groove. There may have been one shot that looked good the last time, and you want to try it again instead of looking for something new. If it's a new location, everything is new!

Since my goal is always to bring you a photo that you might not expect, and push the photos outside the box, I would definitely be in top form.

That also being said, I love when clients find locations that are not common places to have a wedding. It is really an awesome experience when you are the first to ever shoot a wedding at someplace or to be the couple that get's married there!

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Mike Shepherd said...

I agree, Chad. I'd rather photograph some place I've never been.

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