Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thinking Different: Props for e-sessions, weddings & portraits

We love props! They make each image so unique and different from any other couple's. Like anything else that you bring along to the shoot, they bring another glimpse into your personality.

Props can also be a great ice-breaker for you and us. Doing a photo shoot can feel a little bit awkward and having something to hold or to take your focus off of the camera may help you feel more relaxed. They also give you something to have fun with.

Most of our real life photo sessions and e-sessions are closer to filming a movie than staged photos. We try to give you direction and when you have a prop it makes it easier to go in that direction.

Using props that are already on location is a great alternative to bringing your own. Some locations have some really fun things that can be incorporated into your e-session, just like this mosaic alligator. This shoot was in Baldwin park, but I seem to remember seeing them in Lake Mary also. You can find cool statues like this in many different cities. One even has cows and another has Snoopies!

We just could not pass up the opportunity to do a reenactment of "American Gothic" with all these cool antique items! We just picked a random one up and turned it into a prop.

Oh and here's a great website we found that has "super large" of anything! They'd be so much fun to use on a shoot!

All in all, props just add something a little extra to your photos. They really help to create a mood or theme. If your going for a vintage feel, bring a parasol or dress up! If you are going to the beach bring a kite or a beach ball. You could even make a sandcastle!

We love to brainstorm, so tell us what you like or what you might be thinking and we'll run with it!

We never have a shortage of random prop ideas. Here are some more to get you thinking! Water balloons, an entire office in the middle of an open field, paper cutouts, kites, and it goes on....

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