Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thinking Different: Transportation for the Big Day

Figuring out transportation arrangements for your wedding day can be a nightmare. The type of transportation you choose can depend on the weather, time of day, and other factors. You also need to know if you are providing transportation for the wedding party. There are tons of options out there for you to choose from. You can find transportation that goes along with your theme or you can choose something that will really surprise your guests, like arriving by helicopter or hot air balloon.

Remember that if your ceremony and reception are at different locations you'll need transportation 3 times that day. First to get to the ceremony site, then to get to the reception, and lastly to leave the reception. A lot of brides that I have seen do something like a limo to get to the ceremony and reception and then go all out for a grand exit.

Limos are great for the couple and bridal party. That way everyone can ride together and the bride knows that no one is missing. They can also be tons of fun. You can play music and enjoy each other's company while riding to the ceremony or reception site.

For larger venues you can utilize things like golf carts, mopeds, or pedicabs. Shelby and John traveled around their venue in golf carts along with their bridal party.

Meanwhile Tracie and Scott treated all their guests to a pedicab parade! It looks like tons of fun and it definitely fit their Key West wedding theme. The bride and groom also went for a ride on a moped.

Another fun and creative choice is to arrive by boat. If your wedding is on a lake this would be a perfect fit. The groom and all his groomsmen arrived to the ceremony on a pontoon boat.

A more romantic but still exciting option is taking a horse drawn carriage. It's very Cinderella like and would make any bride feel like a princess. Jessica and Blake chose this for their big day at the beautiful Church Street Ballroom. Another romantic choice is the Rolls Royce. These are both great choices for a grand exit from your reception.

Some other fun options we came up with for transportation are cable or trolley cars, airplanes, or even surfboards at the beach. How awesome would it be to rent out a hanger for your wedding day and arrive in an airplane!? Or riding the cable cars in San Fransisco down to the Fisherman's Wharf. If you're local to Orlando like we are you can take the I-Ride trolleys.

The Knot and have some other really unique ideas for transportation like tractors, gondolas, bicycles and even school buses! You can also search for transportation companies in your area.

We'd love to hear what kind of transportation you had or are planning on having for your wedding!

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