Saturday, October 25, 2008

Winter Park Women's Club and Knowles Memorial Chapel of Winter Park, Florida wedding Chandy and Mike

The wedding of Chandy Kime to Mike Kelley on Saturday, October 18, 2008, in Winter Park. The wedding took place at the Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College with the reception at the Winter Park Women's Club.

I was the second photographer to Val Becker and we were shooting for Bella.

I have to say that the Knowles Memorial Chapel is one of the best places to have a wedding. The architecture is a photographers dream. There are many large windows where some awesome light can peak through. There are multiple locations for photographers to shoot from without being unobtrusive including two balconies on the side and the back. There is also a side door where you can get behind the altar without being seen.

The light which is great on one hand, can be difficult to work with on the other. There were many hot spots and auto light metering is constantly thrown off. The best thing to do is to memorize your settings for different spots and adjust accordingly.

Since I was the second, I didn't have many opportunities to hangout with Mike and Chandy, but I have to say that they did an excellent job of putting on their wedding. A bagpiper started the processional and many other Irish themes were thrown in. They even had plans to go to Ireland for their honeymoon.

Also they had this amazing Celtic band called the Wyndbreakers play during their reception, plus one of the guys lead them up the aisle playing the bagpipes.

Congratulations Chandy and Mike, may the luck of the Irish always be with you!

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