Tuesday, October 21, 2008

House Cleaning Bookmarks - Trent Parke

On my ToDo list, for many ions has been to organize my web browsers bookmarks. The biggest problem that I have is every time I go to a bookmark I stop to check it out, and then this whole process takes longer than I wanted it to.

I've collected some AMAZING websites! I hope to share this with you as I slowly go through them.

The first up is from Magnum IN Motion. Trent Parke traveled around Australia for two years with his partner Narelle Autio, another amazing photographer, and put together this awesome body of narrated work.

Parke's grainy documentary photos make you feel like you are back in the Farm Bureau days of documentary photography in the U.S. The moments and his style just cry out to you.

His passion and intensity. You really hear it in his voice as he talks through his piece. Much of the photography is just stream of thought. I love it! It makes me want to grab a tent and just go document something!

Going into my "5 Star Photographer" folder.

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