Monday, November 10, 2008

B-cleaning... Pandora

Pandora is like having radio customized to you. You choose a song or a band and then it finds music similar to that. You tell it if you like songs or don't like songs and it works even better. This is great for finding bands you've never heard of with amazing music!

Like Pandora'a box, you just never know what is going to come out of it.

I am not sure where they are at now, but when record companies wanted to tax internet radio, Pandora was at the front of it. Pandora is free and very light on the ads, and the record companies wanted to charge them some astronomical amount for every song they played. Since they are still around, I'm guessing things have worked out.

Going in my Toolbar folder


Megan Miller said...

What about the new Genius playlist in iTunes? Pretty much the same idea, you pick a song, and it tells you what else you'd like, the top rated songs from that artist/album and the top songs you don't have in your library. Cool cool. Between that and Smart Playlists, iTunes has got it goin' on!

Charissa said...

A couple problems. You can't run the newest iTunes if you can't run OS X beyond 10.3.9 (A problem that I hope to fix in the next couple months)

Also doesn't Itunes just play the songs that you have? Or even just part of the songs that you don't have? Or doest he Genius playlist work with Itunes Radio too?

Pandora is more like a radio station. It plays full length music that you don't have.

I love itunes, because I can play the music wirelessly through my stereo system using Aiport Express.

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