Friday, June 4, 2010

Wedding Tips: Hire a wedding planner!

You are definitely going to hire a wedding photographer, but what about a wedding planner? These people are amazing at what they do and they will make your day super stress free and fabulous! Before we go into details there are a couple of terms you need to know.

Wedding Coordinator: They usually get involved a week or so before the wedding to confirm vendors and guide the couple through the wedding day. Some event planners do the coordinating but you also have those professionals who only do the coordinating instead of the entire wedding. There are also on-site venue coordinators who deal only with your chosen venue. They know everything there is to know about the venue and are great at helping with room layouts and making sure you follow the venue's rules.

We highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator to take the stress off of you. There is no way you should be running around the day of your wedding making sure all the vendors are where they need to be and that setup is running smoothly. You should be relaxing and pampering yourself while the wedding planner does all the running around for you. Jess & Wade hired a day of coordinator. As you can see in the photo above they had tons of little details and they needed someone to take charge of the setup process.

Now these aren't actually the coordinators but it's not uncommon to see a wedding coordinator helping with setup to keep things running smoothly.

Wedding Planner: They do everything from venue selection, finding vendors, managing a budget, negotiating contracts, to picking out colors and decor. Not all wedding planners do the design side but there are some that dabble in it.

Wedding/Event Designer: This person helps you find your point of inspiration or the theme of your big day. They can do anything from decor to cake design to floral and table settings. They are a wonderful asset to have as they can make your wedding day absolutely beautiful.

Here is an article by Alison Kelly, founder of A Hot Pink Petticoat about all the little things that came up at her wedding. Even though they worked themselves out she still regrets not hiring a wedding planner to keep the big day running smoothly from the get go.

WedAlert also has a great article about why you should hire a wedding planner. They can help you get great deals with vendors and they'll also make sure everything is set in stone for your wedding day.


Anonymous said...

I would take it evan a step further and hire a wedding planner that is accredited through the Association of Bridal Consultants with the proper training. They have an article on their website that says:

Why use a wedding coordinator ?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. ... See More

Why take a chance with it ?

Dream about what you would like, but let a trained professional from ABC help your wedding dreams come true – and also on time and under budget ! Our behind-the-scenes professionals can manage the hard work for you, so you can spend more time with your family and friends - and truly “Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding”.

Why Choose an ABC Planner ?

As the oldest and largest group of wedding professionals in the world, we have been making wedding dreams come true since 1955.

We feel ABC offers the most detailed and comprehensive training in the industry. Also, all of our ABC members agree to uphold the ABC Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Membership.

Choose an ABC professional today.

Rosie Moore, PBC 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting
14 hours ago ·

Wedding Hire said...

Yes dear
From my past experience, now i am planning in upcoming days to my daughter's marriage i will hire a wedding coordinator, to avoid the stress and making the marriage fabulous..

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