Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outside the Ballroom: Hard Rock Cafe, Key West, Florida

With it's gorgeous beaches and light hearted atmosphere, Key West screams out paradise. You can get married on the beach and then go right to the honeymoon. Anyone that's invited friends or family though need a venue to stop at in between.

Music probably comes in second right after paradise for things that Key West is known for. Just think Jimmy Buffet. This is why the Hard Rock Cafe Key West, stationed in the heart of downtown Key West and right on Duvall Street, screams out as the perfect venue.

It holds a wealth of history and not just music history. Legend has it that this old three-story Victorian style house is still haunted by the ghost of its original owner Robert Curry. You just might find him meandering the corridors of this unique cafe.

With two available floors and a capacity of 306, there is a good chance you can get a seat near the bar or on the patio.

What you need to know about this venue:
Location: 313 Duval St. Key West, FL 33040
Price range: $$$
Ceremony site: No
Reception site: Yes
Outside caterer's allowed: No
Parking available: Yes
Valet: Yes
Outdoor space: Yes
Capacity (without a dance floor): about 360
Styles: Vintage/Rocker, Beach

Outside the Ballroom: This is a series about discovering other amazing venues that exist for weddings and other events, ranging from castles, to traditional antique ballrooms, to bed and breakfasts, to anything that cannot be classified as a modern ballroom or meeting room. We also want to hear from you about the venues you've discovered, so please submit them in the comments or email them to with Outside the Ballroom in the subject. For more info you can find it at the Introduction.

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