Saturday, October 30, 2010

Storybook Album Designs

You feel the sturdy weight and smooth leather in your hands as you pick up your album. Turn each page and the day comes back to you; the tears that started to roll down your face as you turned the corner to see all of your friends and family with your man waiting at the end of the aisle; a tune by Duke Ellington coming out of a saxophone while you dance for the first time with your new husband; the cake which you scoured everywhere to find ideas for designing and then the taste of the white chocolate pieces as they melt in your mouth; and so many other memories.

An album is magical. It brings the story of one of the most important days in your lives back into the present. In 100 years when your grandchildren are wondering about the love of their grandparents, you can pull out this book and show them. You don't have to turn something on or find a file. At 12 inches tall, and 40 pages thick, it will probably be the biggest book on your shelf if it's not still sitting on your levitating coffee table.

We give you some options for telling that story. Each design conveys the story differently, so how do you want your day to be remembered?

P-1 - This is as simple as it get's. This is our proofing album. We include one full-frame image on each page. This is our beginning design and included with many of our Real Life Portrait Sessions. (20 pages/10 spreads will have 20 images)

P-2 - A modern and simple design. We use lot's of white space, double truck images, BIG images and no overlaying images. We will also fill pages with some images, making them square. This is great for guest books or if you are looking for a more modern feel. Each page tells the story from just one or two images. (20 pages/10 spreads will have 18-30 images)

P-3 - This step-up from P-2 includes more images on many pages. There is not nearly as much white space, images will overlap and whole parts of your story will take part over each spread. (20 pages/10 spreads will have 35-90 images)

P-4 - This is the king of our outside the box. We just tell our designer to go all out! He typically adds many graphical elements to really tell the whole story and really capture the couples personality. (20 pages/10 spreads will have 35-90 images)

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