Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Signature Albums by Pilster Photography - Press-Print and Lay Flat pages

With our wide range of albums, the Signature press-print album is the perfect one to use as a guestbook, a real life portrait sessions, an engagement session or possibly duplicate your album and give to your parents. This album stands apart because the pages actually lay flat. The pages have a much more solid texture than your basic glossy paged book book.

We offer it in a 10x10 or a 12x12. A wrap-around photo on the front cover makes this the perfect choice to make this stand out.

Other Highlights -

•Available in 10” x 10” or 12” x 12”.

•Full-wrap photo-printed hard cover. Choose from glossy or satin finish.

•Any book length from 10 to 62 spreads (20-124 pages).

•Printed with “true color” ink for deep, rich colors.

•FlexbindTM technology allows every page to lay perfectly flat.

•110lb. acid-free archival stock with a soft feel and satin or gloss UV-protective finish for the pages.

•Includes an elegant presentation box with embossed cover.

Signature Photo Books use a special “Flexbind” paper and binding process to allow pages to lay perfectly flat when the book is opened. Pages feel soft and turn effortlessly. There is mini- mal image loss between pages, so you can have panoramic two-page spreads with a “wow” effect. Printed with cutting edge digital printers, your photos display true, rich colors, and the special acid-free archival paper preserves those colors for a lifetime.


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