Monday, December 6, 2010

Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate, Florida Wedding of Kelly and Steve Part 1

Our third man in the balcony during the wedding ;)

To be considerate of your family and still show your own personality at a wedding is sometimes difficult. Kelly and Steve did a great job of this. Their wedding at the Omni Orlando Resort in Championsgate really had two faces. The first part was more traditional. Kelly wore a shall over her dress to cover her shoulders and Steve kept his coat on.

And before we get into the wedding, I want to give you a little recap -
These two are huge Boston fans. They met because of a Tom Brady backpack, one of their first dates was at a sports bar to watch a game, and early on they "ran into" each other at a Red Sox game in Boston. You might remember their e-session at the baseball stadium.

Another interesting thing is their tattoos that they share, both sporting them for the camera in part 2 of their Engagement session.

Now to their wedding day story...

Kelly sees her dad for the first time that day and couldn't hold back what she had been trying to hold in for so long.

Tommy at Greenery Productions does amazing work. The florals and decoration at this wedding were amazing!

It was a windy day and I'm sure there is a great back story to all of the problems they had keeping these from falling over. I watched them topple once, but the amazing professionals made sure they stayed up through the ceremony!

The sunlight from the windows of the Omni hit these rose petals just at the moment Kelly was walking up the aisle. It had been shifting all day. This was shot by my assistant and he didn't even realize he had this shot! It's like she was walking up an aisle of gold rose petals.

I love these shoes! Kelly gave different ones to all of her bridesmaids. She found them on Zappos.

Love the shoes!

Come back tomorrow to see an amazing reception. You won't believe the cake toppers. They are exact replicas of Kelly and Steve, tattoos and all! That's just to start it off...
The Cast:
Reception- Omni Orlando Resort
Event Coordinator/Wedding Planner- Orlando Events by Design with Trina Fard
Florist- Greenery Productions
Gown Boutique- The Collection
Gown - Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Pour La Victoire from Zappos
Gown 2 - Nicole Miller
Makeup Artist- Christina Walker
Tuxedos- Mens Warehouse
Hair Designer- Micheal Beers
Invitations, graphic design - Faye and Co.
Butterfly Release- Butterfly Release Company
Caterer- Omni Champions Gate
Cake Artist-Cup Cake Crazy
Officiant- Kelly's dad Joseph Miniclier
Musician- Beautiful Music
DJ- Lugo Entertainment
Lighting Designer- Kaleidoscope
Photobooth- Red Eye Photo Booth
Photographer- Pilster Photography of course!

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Chrome Dahlia Rider Chronicles said...

Awesome job Chad! I LOVE your work! So unique and personal. You do a great job telling the story. I know your photos will be cherished by Kelly and Steve forever! Thank you!

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