Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sanford, Florida backroad engagement session with Kevan and Jason

Nothing like an engagement session to motivate. Apparently Jason has been working on this car for quite a while now, maybe even years. Kevan his fiance, him, and I had done some great brainstorming for a shoot out in the middle of nowhere that involves a broken down car, a picnic and both of them. We had a backup plan, but if he didn't finish this car we were definitely going to plan B. On top of that, this is his thing, so we totally wanted to include it in the session.

I don't think that I mentioned to Kevan that red was my cameras favorite color, but she knew the candy for it's megapixels. These shoes were awesome!

So the week of the shoot I'm watching both of their Facebooks, and I see him talking about still getting parts. He must have gotten this car running the day before the shoot. We didn't start it much, he was too worried that it might not start again.

This shot started because we wanted to move the car down the road a few yards. Jason just didn't want to chance starting it, so he pushed it.

I can't even take credit for finding this great location. Jason apparently has driven by it before and suggested it. It had all of the elements we were looking for and it's only in Sanford! When we started talking about deserted roads, I was sure we were going to have to get further out into the Florida woods!

Kevan is amazingly creative. She brainstorms like I do with millions of ideas! We squeezed in what probably should have been 5 different sessions. The only thing stopping us from doing anymore was the sunlight! We can't complain about the sun too much though, it gave us a gorgeous sunset.

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DJ Kristin with Our Dj Rocks said...

Very cute shoot! p.s. I have those red shoes :)

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