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FAQs - Wedding Photography Glossary

This is a glossary of items we can offer and some descriptions for terms you may find common in wedding photography. Hopefully this will be a quick guide to some commonly asked questions.

Albums: Traditional, Photojournlistic, Modern/Contemporary, a blend between them? SEE: LINK-Albums

Archiving of your images: We backup and double backup, and gurantee that you can contact us for photos for 2 years (With a retrieval fee.) and get your images. We are packrats though, and will probably never throw them out. Other Options

Assistant to the photographer: This person’s primary responsibility will be to assist the main photographer. They may also shoot some during the ceremony. SEE ALSO: Second Photographer

Culling Images: To bring down the amount of images from the original shoot. SEE ALSO: Ediging, Toning Images

Day After Session: Your wedding day can fly by quickly and there is little time. This is an opportunity to pull back out your dress, get made up and get fancy again to make some amazing images without feeling rushed. SEE ALSO: Trash the Dress

DVD - Top Images: These are the photos that reflect the style of Pilster
Photography, plus any family or candid portraits we may do. For a full day of
coverage ths will typically have 500-700 images that you can print and use for
personal use. SEE: LINK-What you get with your DVD

DVD - All Presentable images: This will include every image that we feel is quality enough to present, but doesn’t necessarily reflect our best images. We tone every image so it can be printed up to an 8x10. Many images are very similar. There will be over 2000 images from a full day.

e-session: This is the new style of engagement portraits. Usually the sessions will last a couple hours and you'll make tons of fun images. These images are great to put in an album, include in your save the date cards, guest book or share on your favorite social media site. SEE ALSO: LINK-What to wear?

Editing or Edit of Images: SEE ALSO: Culling images, Toning Images

Engagement Session: SEE: e-session

Live slideshow: A slideshow of the ceremony and preparations from earlier in the day. This will be shown during your reception.

Modern Style

Mosaic: This is a compilation of the photos from your wedding day combined together to make one of the single memorable images from your wedding day and then mounted on styrene. We will work with you to choose the best image.

Newspaper Announcement: You can send off a photo from your engagement session and your wedding to your local papers to make that big announcement.

Online Proofing: You, your friends and your family will have access to an edit of the images shot on your wedding day where you can order reprints. Professional Quality Prints: We use ProWedding DigiLab (LINK) for their quality and customer service. They aren’t done until you are satisfied. SEE ALSO: Proofs for online

Outside the box:

Pictorial: Images that may convey information, but don't have a central focus

Photojournalistic Style:

Pre-Wedding Planning: We provide pre-wedding consultation to assist you in determining the timeline of your wedding day. About 2 weeks prior to your wedding, we’ll sit down and discuss any last-minute details.

Proofs for Online: A selection of photos sized and watermarked for use in your blog, Facebook, Flickr, website, etc. SEE ALSO: Online Proofing

Remember the Day” Print: We choose one of our favorite images and give you a 16x20 signed and mounted print of your day.

Second Photographer(s): Pilster Photography keeps tabs on photographers who have similar drive, passion and creativity to us. We are ready to bring one or more of them to your wedding if you want that extra coverage. Our different tiers represent their different levels of experience and talent. SEE ALSO: Assistant to the photographer

Traditional photography style: Many formal portraits and posed moments. SEE ALSO: Modern Style, Photojournalistic Style, Outside the Box

Trash the Dress Session: Your wedding day can fly by quickly and there is little time. This is an opportunity to pull back out your dress, get made up and get fancy again to make some amazing images without feeling rushed. Trash the dress - Like an extreme day after session. You're gonna get dirty. SEE: Day After Session, e-session

Unlimited Coverage: Some of the most memorable experiences on a wedding day happen beyond those few hours of the ceremony and reception. When we shoot a wedding, the day begins the moment the wedding day starts until the lights go out. We do not believe that setting limits on time or creativity bring out the best images, and the goal is to document as much as possible on your special day.

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