Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thinking Different - The Day After Session

The day-after session, this can sometimes be a trash-the-dress session, is an opportunity for the bride and groom to get more awesome pictures after the wedding has taken place.

This is also a great opportunity, if for some reason your wedding photos didn't turn out as you wanted them, to jump back into your dress and have something to remember that once in a lifetime day!

It can be a great way to save your wedding day photography or make it that much better. Things happen and sometimes your pictures just don't turn out the way you want them to the day of. Maybe the weather was bad, the bride was overly stressed, or there just wasn't enough time to get all the shots you really wanted. In many instances brides just want more awesome photos in their wedding gown and the day-after session is the perfect opportunity to get those shots.

Day-after sessions are a lot of fun to do because you can go places that are totally out of the ordinary. When we showed up at the salvage yard with a bride the guys working there gave us some pretty strange looks.

Some brides choose to literally trash their dress during the day-after shoot. Our awesome bride Jess had a Vera Wang from The Collection and she didn't want to trash it too much, which we totally understand.

Whether you just want more gorgeous photos to add to the ones you already got or you want to do something out of the ordinary in your gown we definitely recommend doing a day-after session! We'd love to hear some of your ideas of things you'd like to do or places you'd want to have your day after session =)

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