Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rosen and Cornell students give back to the community

Cornell Alumni Magazine asked me to photograph Rosen, an alum and the owner of a hotel chain including Rosen Shingle Creak, and a group of Cornell students who came to Florida on their Spring Break to give back to the community. Rosen puts a lot of time into helping out underprivledged children in parts of Orlando and he offered this group accommodations at his hotels and an elementary school to help out.

Rosen seems like a very sincere person, and I could tell when we walked through the classrooms and all of the children knew who he was. Another example, while we walked through the halls he talked about having his chefs prepare a healthy pizza to be served in the cafeteria. A lot of times when you get to the top, you can forget about the people on the bottom and it's awesome to see him give back not with just money, but his own valuable time.

The magazine asked me to spend the day with them, and it was fun! It's always interesting to see how kids are being taught different from when I was in school. I'm sure it will change even more when my kids are in school.

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