Monday, June 22, 2009

Sara and Bryan's Wedding Part 3

Oh, and did I mention I broke out the red umbrella again! Anyone know where I can get these things in bulk. I would definitely love to get more. If I'm not careful I'm going to get branded by my red umbrellas. Maybe that's not so bad!

Really I am just trying to save it for rainy days. The rain toyed with us, so we were stuck inside for a little while, which means I had to work a little harder to be creative.

Some of the greatness was in the colors, purple and red, chosen for this wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were definitely a hot red! I can't ask for a better color, my biggest concern was that the eye would go right to the red and you might lose the bride in all that color. After I thought about it, I remembered learning about the Gestalt theory, in photojournalism school, which deals with negative space in a photo. It basically says that if you have a dominant color in an image your eye will go to the non-dominant color. So if a page is all white, you will go to the red dot on it or if it's all red, you will go to the white dot. So with all of the bridesmaids being in red, your eye will go to the white brides dress.

It went awesome with those bright red bridesmaid dresses. I could not get enough of them. It may be tough to give them up, but when some of those girls are ready, I am sure I could find use for them on a couple photo shoots. Just send them my way!

The scenery, wow the scenery! The Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa is gorgeous!

And then there was the rest of the reception

Sara's mom is an interior designer, so the centerpieces were from items she found around her mom's house! What a great idea!

Did you see these little glass slippers to hold everyone's name cards?

Bryan and Sara certainly knew how to have fun!

Of course there was the singing too

and Sara knew how to get down and dance!

The awesome people and vendors that I had a chance to work with...
DJ who rocks all night long - High Fidelity DJ
Amazing venue and awesome catering - Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa
Church - Our Lady Star of the Sea
Florist - Celebrations, Flowers, Balloons and Gifts
Dress - Anne Barge
Photography- Pilster Photography
Second Shooter - Rob Cunningham
Special Thanks to my assistant (And awesome wedding album designer) - James Shaffer

060609 Sara and Bryan's Wedding - Images by Chad Pilster

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kobe said...

happy, interesting, relaxed and memorable wedding. that's perfect.

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