Thursday, June 4, 2009

White dress + red umbrella + fun couple = amazing e-session w/ Beth & Kyle

I have been looking forward to Beth and Kyle's engagement session. We have been talking on the phone for a couple months, but since they are from out of town we have not had a chance to meet.

For two weeks rain had been looming over Central Florida and we weren't sure if it was going to let up. Beth emailed me a couple days before. I told her the call was hers, but while she was in Florida, I still wanted to meet her. I said we should just go about like the e-session was going to happen and if it doesn't, then we could at least meet.

The thing about overcast skies is that they make colors just pop and New Smyrna Beach is colorful! The other thing about rain is that as people try to stay dry and as puddles form, fun pictures happen! Then there are red umbrellas, and I can go on... But the bride and groom always have the last call.

As I drove I was nervous when I saw some sprinkles on my windshield, but when I arrived at Beth's father's house everything was dry but a little overcast. Let's "do this!"

We finally wandered back to the house for a quick outfit change and to grab a couple umbrellas. The sky had been good to us all morning, but we didn't think the late morning was going to be so generous. Plus even if it didn't rain, you can't go wrong with a red umbrella!

These two were tons of fun and I am excited for their wedding in August!

052309 Beth and Kyle e-session Gallery - Images by Chad Pilster

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Anthony Lujan said...

love the shirt, umbrella idea! great work man!! keep it up as it's inspiring!

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