Monday, June 15, 2009

Sara and Bryan's wedding Part 2

The rain toyed with us, so we were stuck inside this amazing lobby for a little bit. You can just hear me complaining. Yeah right, I was loving the way these images were turning out.

This wedding was an interesting situation. Rob used to be editorial shooter with a stack of accomplishments including a Sports Illustrated cover. It had been a while since he'd done any serious shooting, and I don't believe he had ever shot a wedding. He ran across my work, wanted to hire me, assist me in shooting a friend of his wedding, and give it as a gift to his friends.

I'm glad he found me, because Rob's friends Sara and Bryan were so awesome and their wedding at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa was spectacular.

It was great working with Rob, he brought along a lot of toys that we made use of. Some of them included a 500 f4 (This was so we could stay relatively stationary during the ceremony) and a 180mm macro lens (You can't get much closer than this!). He also brought along some great ideas like the waterfall portrait. He threw out the idea and we made it happen. He also had a few that we ran out of time for. Just more reason's for Sara and Bryan to come back down to Florida! (We'll get them on the beach during sunrise one of these years Rob!)

He also got some shots of me in action

And my other assistant James Shaffer shot this of me and Rob in action.

Sara and Bryan had to sit next to each other on a plane and that's how they met. These aren't the original tickets, but I think they did the job.

And on to the wedding...

These bags were gifts to Sara's bridesmaids

Did I mention it was an Anne Barge wedding dress. Sara actually met Anne when she was trying this on at Kleinfelds

Even inside we couldn't hide from the Florida humidity. Those big dresses are not too cool. Good things Sara had some awesome bridesmaids to keep her cool.

More to come.....

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