Thursday, March 11, 2010

Downtown DeLand e-Session with Paul and Stacy: Part 2 of 2

After DaVinci during the first part of the e-session we just kind of wandered. I love colorful walls and downtown DeLand does not disappoint. Paul and Stacy's outfits went perfectly with the colors.

Stacy had brought along this awesome selection of shoes and I was excited to show them off. We started with some dancing in front of the Athens Theater.

These two were hot, but the cold caught up to us. It was time to get a couple beers and warm up at Norville Barnes.

We then made the hike to this little alleyway we had seen behind Boston Coffee. DeLand just has this great ambiance everywhere. Even a back alleyway has some great light fixtures.

Our wandering then took us to the Stetson University Campus, which we probably could of spent the entire afternoon at, but did a few more photos before the cold caught up to us again.

We hurried back to the car to go make some ring shots, but when I saw this red wall I just had to make them stop.

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Unknown said...

This couple looks like they know how to have FUN. I dig photo #2 a lot!

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