Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Downtown DeLand e-Session with Paul and Stacy: Part 1 of 2

These two are tough! Nothing looked like it was going to work in our favor for our Saturday e-session, but Paul and Stacy never turned their backs on it. It started out with me suggesting one of my favorite spots for an e-session, but one that I've never shot an e-session at before, downtown DeLand. It's a gorgeous town, with a very classic feel, and so many hidden nooks for photos it's unreal! I love this town!

They thought it was a great idea, but about four days before we were supposed to do the shoot I was reminded that it was bike week and the DeLand Bike Rally would be going on. This event has brought over 70,000 bikers to the town of DeLand in the past, and it's a ton of fun if you ride a hog. I wasn't sure if Paul and Stacy were the chap and leathers type, and after mentioning this even to them I found out I was right. Even though they wouldn't be rolling in on Harleys' they were still cool with the shoot.

The next pre-shoot dilema came up when we heard about the weather. Paul told me it was going to be raining and overcast. I told him those were some of my favorite ingredients for an e-session (Colors pop more when it's overcast and the rain can bring out some fun props) but I told him I'd be happy to change the date if they were uncomfortable. It was still a go!

Saturday was here and the shoot was on. We met at this awesome little coffee house called Boston Coffee, and thankfully the rain had stopped, but the cold hadn't. The advantage of this was that we weren't going to have to listen to the rumble of 70,000 bikes, but the disadvantage was that Hawaiian t-shirts and shorts were out (Ok, this was never a consideration, but it's funny, right? ;).

Paul and Stacy were troopers! Not only did they put up with the cold, they were a ton of fun to photograph. Paul and Stacy warmed up on coffee just as I was walking in and after making a few quick photos inside, we went out to brave the chilly weather. We started out at an awesome mural near Mainstreet Grill. After that we worked our way over to one of the coolest playgrounds for a photographer.

Check out this cool tattoo on Stacy's foot!

DaVinci. is a cafe, a bar, and an architectural antique store all rolled into two spots in the same building. This would make an amazing venue for a wedding too! It recently came under new management and changed it's name from Caffe DaVinci to DaVinci. There are props EVERYWHERE and just the rustic look of the building is awesome!

We found this great collection of window frames.

Then we went for some "American Gothic"

Come back on Thursday for more....

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