Thursday, March 25, 2010

FAQ- Photography on Canvas

Printing photos on canvas is a unique service that Pilster Photography provides to its clients. Canvases are a great way to display some of your favorite and most cherished photos from your wedding. You know, a lot of couples have their photos printed out so they can put them in a scrapbook or pass along to family and friends. Having your photos on canvas is a different and unexpected way to display images from your big day. It looks more like a piece of fine art than anything.

In case you aren't familiar with canvas, this is the same thing that you will find paintings on. It's a heavy coarse woven fabric which can be made of different types of materials. It has a rough texture and will give photos a more artistic look. For these photos it is typically stretched over a wood frame, but there are many different ways to mount it.

A typical size for a canvas print is 16"x20" on a 1.5" thick frame but they can be printed as small as 6"x6" (a little larger than a postcard) or as big as 60"x100" (5'x8').

I have given smaller canvas prints as gifts and the recipients always love them! You know there's so much sentimental value in wedding photos and there's even more in wedding photos that can be displayed like a piece of art. They definitely stand out from framed photos and are really eye-catching.


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